OneLine Memory project, 420.00 EU (sells through Dio Horia Gallery shop)

limited edition pigmented inkjet print, 2018

-for purchase, please visit  DioHoria Gallery shop, Greece.

-pigmented inkjet print on fine art paper

-signed and numbered

- 38 x 67 cm, 15 x 26 3/8 in

This print series  is derived from an actual one-line drawing consisting of a realm of the artists' oeuvre of objects and things…This figures merged and collide, at times blending together in an eternal dance as if derived from the same magical source. It is an attempt by the artist to organize and democratize all kinds of objects linked to his experiences and that of his collaborator Alberto Latorre. Here the objects are worshiped and the memory embedded in them is activated. The one-line drawings were mostly developed during the long summers stays in the Greek Islands, particularly Mykonos.