The Art of Memory

Carlos Betancourt | Multidisciplinary Visual Artist | TEDxRVA|

Carlos Betancourt is a contemporary visual artist based in Miami, Florida. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Cuban parents, he developed a love for nature and a passionate interest in the syncretic cultures and traditions of the Caribbean. Betancourt’s personal journey—physical, emotional, and intellectual—is the creative force behind his work. He eventually defined his general inspiration as personal-memory-oriented. In his multi-disciplinary artworks, Betancourt explores issues of memory and personal experiences, while also dwelling in matters of beauty, identity, and communication. By means of re-examination, he recycles and reinterprets the past and delivers it in a new and relevant context.

Carlos’s talk addresses why he believes art is informed by one’s own experiences, not necessarily the reverse.

June 23, 2017