Tide By Side Processional Celebrating the Faena District Miami Beach

Whitewaller, Whitewall Presents, November 28, 2016

Yesterday, the completion of the Faena District Miami Beach was commemorated by a processional entitled, Tide by Side. Taking place District-wide, the performance was directed by Claire Tancons in collaboration with Gia Wolff and Arto Lindsay, taking inspiration from festivals, carnivals, and civic rituals. Participants like Los CarpinterosMarinella SenatoreCarlos Betancourt, and art collective Carnival Arts came together to celebrate Faena Art‘s future programming at Faena Forum, Bazaar and Park with Alan Faenaand Len Blavatnik.


This week’s Faena Art programs throughout the Faena District are likely to become the highlight of happenings during Art Basel in Miami Beach, including: “Once with me, Once without me,” a dance performance by Pam Tanowitz; “Soledades,” a series curated by Florencio Noceti; “TimeCapsule,” a geodesic dome designed by Juan Gatti; and Graciela Hasper’s site-specific monumental mural “Untitled.”

The Forum, designed by OMA/Rem Koolhaas, promises to be a state-of-the-art venue in presenting and showcasing the ambitious, the innovative, and the groundbreaking in fields ranging from art and entertainment to business and beyond. Its appellation is an evocation of the civic and architectural concept of a forum. Following this ancient Greek inspiration, the Forum will offer Miami a dynamic and democratic setting faithful to Alan Faena’s vision of a neighborhood rooted in art, culture, and erudition.