Time Out Pop Goes Miami

Local Experts, Time Out Pop , January 1, 2008

‘You can't separate Warhol from Niew York. Picasso or Dali from Spain, ana yoj can't separate me 'mm Miarrv Beach.' So says Car,os Beianccun [pictured, right), local artist, ceiebrty and man about town. Certainly, Miami is written all over his work. H s flemooyan: pnotcgmphs are slick and sexy, glair ard trashy, steriie »et lusn. Feopieo by a WarhoVesque cast of locai characters - 'rom drag queens to beauty queens, muscle marys to society mavens - they are rich lr colour and bathed in sum got. Other Miami motifs Include nature versus consumerism ana ncds to tne atist’s Cariboean roots.