Matilda Anderson, January 1, 2009

This story begins with a hot pink pair of Christian Louboutins so jaw
dropping that my friend couldn’t help but call them “major” (major
should be pronounced with a Posh Spice accent so that you have the
full effect). As I was staring at the shoes I began to put two and two
together. I ran and grabbed my bright purple dress, my orange purse,
and pointed to the shoes. It became a little clearer why I had been so
attracted to the Carlos Betancourt print I had helped my family
purchase a few weeks earlier. After all, the print completely embodied
my personal aesthetic. Heck, it actually probably visually embodies
my personality. I’ve been described as talkative by elementary school
teachers, bubbly by friends, and was once nicknamed Light-Bright by
a co-worker.