Interview Magazine Book Review

Interview Magazine, January 1, 2017

Don't let the title fool you—there's nothing imperfect about this volume. Since he emerged in the Miami art scene during the 1980s, The Puerto Rican-bom Betancourt has consistently churned out eccentric and vivacious (dare we say kaleidoscope-esque?) works of mixed-media art. Included are more than 250 images of Betancourt's vast oeuvre, which heavily focuses on blurring the lines between and experimenting with imagery, fine art. and nature, as well as exploring themes of memory, beauty, identity, and communication. If you like the glitz of Warhol mixed with the sharper aesthetic of Rauschenberg, you’ll enjoy his work, and this tome that draws its title from the name of Betancourt's studio, Imperfect Utopia.