As I spent time indoors in our house, I began to organize items in our refrigerator by color...I enjoy my artwork series to emerge naturally, so that was the spark to help me develop “altars”, organized by colors and composed of objects found in our house.  Inspired by the art of knolling, besides the refrigerator content altar, there was a medicine cabinet altar, also a cabinet of curious altar. It was fascinating to connect and activate all these objects that suddenly became more predominant in my daily visual realm, especially because my artwork explores issues of memory. So the altars placed around the house quickly became places of reflection.  During these times I also developed The Hope Boat, an ephemeral video projection on a boat traveling through Biscayne Bay.  Developed with architect Albert LaTorre and Bridge Initiative /BasFisher Invitational, it honored first responders while carrying a message of optimism. Additionally,  through these usual times, our Foundation created a relief effort that has delivered more than 30 grants to artists impacted economically by the pandemic. You can still donate at: